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Hello friends and fellow fans of delicious wine!

So here’s a really fat blurb on what this site is all about.

I’ve been a website service provider since before the turn of the century.  I suppose age is a matter of perspective.  Some of you would think I’m an old-timer.  Others, not so much.  This site is starting off as a personal project but could turn into something more as the lines between vocation and hobby are often blurred for those who love their work.

As a California native, I can attest that the Golden States has much to offer in the ‘Amazing Places’ category, but in my opinion, few places compare in beauty to the rolling hills and fertile green valleys of California’s wine country.

There is a certain allure about the age-old craft of growing and caring for grapes, the tradition of the Crush, and the alchemy behind turning juice into that glowing elixir of various hues that we generally refer to as ‘wine’.

So to sum it up, I’m intent on using the Agile methodology to create several iterations of this site, each better than the one before it.  What I mean, is that this website is a Live, work-in-progress, so don’t be too quick to judge how ugly or broken it appears to be.

The vision is to provide a useful destination for people planning a visit to wineries in Sonoma County as well as for those in the winemaking industry looking to level up their online marketing efforts. I’m hoping that by showcasing my digital marketing skills, including SEO, SEM, Social Media Marketing, E-mail Marketing, and Lead Generation, that I’ll nurture relationships with a select number of vineyard owners.

Wouldn’t it be stellar if I could crowdsource the most beautiful imagery of Sonoma’s vineyards and wineries from various sources?  Calling all photographers! Submit your Creative Commons work for consideration!

Do you have ideas of what would make this project stand out?  Share your ideas.  If your idea is not already on the To-Do List and is adopted then credit will be given when due.

If you find SonomaWineries.com useful, it would be awesome if you would post about it on social media so others can find it and benefit.

Thank you for your interest and be sure to add yourself to the Mail List to receive an occasional note on major updates.

Rex Price
Image Market Inc.




Just so you know, this site is still being worked on.

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